Well, what started out as a quick fiddle with CSS3 and HTML5 new elements, tags and techniques, quickly turned into my new theme here are darrennolan.com.

Behold the latest of my understandings in this new exciting world!!!

There is virtually no images involved with this layout, in fact I’m fairly sure there’s only one image used for backwards compatibility purposes.  Most elements here use the new rounded borders of CSS3 (if you don’t see rounded stuff, you really should update your browser).

If the site looks much more “boxy”, it’s a fairly certain indication that you’ll need to update your browser.  I’m fairly sure (sorry IE users) that Internet Explorer 8 doesn’t have some of the newer fancier elements used in this design.

Well, I hope you like it.  I know I had an exciting time learning and using the new aspects of this awesome stuffs.  Given more time I might even share some secrets with you 😉