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New Design – Nearly Finished

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Just a quick update, it’s nearly ready for everyone to enjoy. Spent a couple hours on the weekend playing with it. Shouldn’t be long now (provided I spend the next hour of my lunch time getting it together!) and should be ready tonight. And that’d be awesome.


I think all that’s left to really do is get the new Social Links working, as well as the new styles done for the comments section. (And redo my 404 page… Cause that page be awesome!)

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CodeIgniter Model Validation and Rule Sets

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Update 1.0.3 19/02/12: Updated checking for validation variables and methods before calling them.
Update 1.0.2 14/02/12: Removed static from libraries context. Might add static support later.
Update 1.0.1 13/02/12: Changed so CI Form_Validation rules are run first.

So, once again been tasked to play with the mighty CodeIgniter and having myself some fun. Except I still don't, for the love of god, understand why default validation is defined within controllers and not the models you're about to play with.

And so, I present some simple awesomeness to do two things.

Firstly we can define Form Validation rules within our Model class. Secondly, we can do all custom callbacks or complex rules within the model as well.


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cPanel + Redmine 1.2.1 – Pages delivered as text/plain when using rewrite

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Bit more of a trouble than I wish to deal with today, but apparently Mongrel has changed somewhat in the latest version and doesn't deliver content as HTML, instead delivering it as text/plain (source html).

If you are using Mongrel to deliver your Ruby Apps, and you're sure your versions of gems meet the requirements - take a look at the below to try.

Add this file in, restart your application - and hopefully away you go. Again there is a lot of read/take in when it comes to dealing with this issue - hopefully I'm saving you about 1.5 hours of research. Original Source for the Patch I've forked..


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Fedora 15 – Making Gnome 3 more like Gnome 2

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I'm all for progress. But what I question is when workflow of the latest desktop interfaces are seeming to take a turn backwards (MetroUI, OS X, Gnome3, Ubuntu's Unity etc). Like using Windows 3.11 for Workgroups all over again. Where having one opening application is the thing to do, and switching between applications is now more complex then switching a tab in a web browser.

Now we're using things like gestures, swiping movements over the touchpad, mouse hover previews of open apps or new key-combos which simply adds more steps to get to the application you're after or that are already running.

For typical users, I'm sure they don't care. I mean, hey, it looks pretty, and if Apple (and other big names) have learnt anything over the years - it's that pretty sells.


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