So I hope this gets into the world out there. I’m running the latest version possible of XAMPP for windows (shame on me for windows right?), Eclipse and xDebug.

One interesting thing that has frustrated the absolute hell out of me while working recently is that Apache continues to fail on every breakpoint in my code. “Apache has Stopped working”, and then silently restarts itself.

Sadly there is no further advise from Apache or PHP Logs even went making everything log to their fullest capacity.

And thus brings me to – Which is a fantastic little thing you can try on your local dev machines – which quickly and shamefully easily makes your PHP scripts run in php-cgi rather than the default setup of XAMPP.

I’m break-pointing again and everything is well in the land of New Zealand (Oh btw, I’m in New Zealand working my little coding ass off at the moment, should be back in the land of Oz early early June).

Cheers Chaps.