Because everyone knows I’ll never be 100% completely happy with whatever I have, here’s another site theme update.  This time provided by Andrei Luca Lightword Theme is probably one of the neatest free wordpress themes out there that adheres to the new engine’s standards (Widgets, Threaded Comments etc. etc.).

As the awesome Karl is working in his spare time on my new design for the site (and business cards) I thought it best not to waste too much time playing with another custom theme until his awesomeness is completed.

The new business cards look (in my bias opinion) are complete sexy and very “unboring” like most typically business cards.

So that’ll be exciting once it’s done!

And the new logo is also cool (cause it’s new, and I love new).

In other news I’ve migrated any posts that seem to be popular from the old Rapid Website to here as I’m taking it down shortly.

Other than that, been programming lots, fixing broken stuffs and every once in a blue moon I play Starcraft 2… which in itself is entirely awesomes.