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I wrote this simple little script in JavaScript to help me calculate Australian GST (10%) today. Being such a useful little script, I thought I would post it.

Please feel free to use this script as your require, if you wish to have this script on your own website please post an acknowledgement and link back to this page.

How to Calculate GST the hard way (using you know, numbers and shit)

If you have something without GST, and you need it with GST, you add 10%. Which is easilest done on a calculator by multiplying your amount by 1.1 (which is really saying mister Calculator, give me 110% of this amount).

$100 * 1.1 = $110

To go the other way, let's say we have $110, which includes 10% GST already. Working out how much is the GST part is quickly done on a calculator by dividing by 11. Not 10 you say? No, 11. Because easiestly explained, before GST you had 10 parts of a number, the "extra" 10% is another "part". So we need to work out what that part is.

$110 / 11 = $10

Huzzah! We have the GST component of an amount! Now, we need to take that GST part from our original amount of $110 to get what the amount is without GST.

$110 - $10 = $100

Perfect :-)

But seriously, why do all this manual work when this GST calculator does it for you?

Last Updated 04/03/2014: Fixed floating point arithmetic (Loss of 1c on some calculations). Thanks to Michael for pointing it out.